Calgary North-West is my home and I see every day how families are struggling to cope with unprecedented inflation and cost of living. I am an active member of the Rocky Ridge Royal Oak community Association. I believe our riding needs an experienced representative in the legislature with a strong voice to advocate for the needs and solutions to our pressing issues. I have the political acumen and professional experience to be that candidate. I will run a strong, ambitious campaign and flip Calgary North-West on your behalf.


You can support my bid for the nomination by joining Alberta’s NDP and encouraging your family members, friends, and neighbors to do the same. In the coming days, I will be reaching out to you again to learn about your priorities, concerns, ideas, and to seek and earn your trust.

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I can be reached via email at info@shirazmir.ca or by a direct message at (403)903-0979. 

Anyone over the age of 14 years and resident of the communities of *Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge, Tuscany, Lynx Ridge, Rockland Park and Scenic Acres in Calgary NW * can become a member of Alberta’s NDP and vote in the nomination contest:

Let us together bring about the change that we and our future generations need by joining the Alberta’s NDP now. 

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