My motivation to enter the political realm lies in my belief that this is a pivotal time for Alberta, and it is imperative as well as important to have a healthy and engaged democratic process going forward. I can no longer stand by and watch this current UCP government attack our public services, Public Education, Public Healthcare, and the very foundations of our democratic institutions. As an Investigator for the Alberta Election Commissioner, I have witnessed how people with deep pockets and corporate backing are trying to hijack our democracy. Many sitting members of the Alberta legislature have violated the election laws of our great province with impunity. Some of them having found to be in contravention and penalized yet refuse to resign.
As someone from a developing country, I value our democracy and its institutions. I feel obligated to stand up to forces inimical and detrimental to our democracy.

For the past over three and a half years, I have witnessed this UCP government’s hostility towards public services and the difficulties Albertans face every day because of their misplaced policy decisions. The inflation has risen to unprecedented levels and the cost-of-living is unsustainable. The UCP is focused on themselves, their friends, and their corporate masters leaving Albertans to fend for themselves. This UCP Government has gambled away Alberta’s tax dollars in billions with zero accountability. If they are allowed another term in office, the UCP will target our Canada Pension plan just like the Alberta Teacher’s Pensions and play with our retirement savings. It has failed Albertans miserably with their job-killing budgets year after year and the botched pandemic response costing Albertans their lives and livelihoods. 

Come next provincial election, Albertans will have the opportunity to part ways from the UCP and elect a government focused on them, their concerns, and their priorities. I believe we can trust Rachel Notley and her team to deliver that government. She has a track record of governing this province with honesty, compassion, and integrity. I firmly believe Rachel is competent and capable of positioning Albertans and their economy for an inclusive and prosperous future for all. Alberta’s NDP has a vision for an Alberta economy that works for everyone, not just the rich. We believe that our province can and will prosper again but to do so we need to build an economy for the future that is Innovative, sustainable and fair.