About Shiraz

About Shiraz Mir


I and my wife Rubina Mir have deep roots in Calgary North-west. We raised our family in Royal Oak and have spent over 11 years getting to know our neighbors and the communities that are part of this constituency. We have two sons who are married. We are blessed with two grand sons. One is 3 years old and the other is 2 months old. 


As a frontline public servant and an active member of the alberta union of provincial employees (AUPE Local 002), I have a diverse experience working at various levels of Government for the last over 15 years. I have firsthand experience of how the different federal and provincial programs work and their impacts on every Albertan. As a municipal employee, I drove a bus for the Calgary Transit. As a Federal employee, I adjudicated on Employment Insurance claims during the 2008 recession and provided much needed relief to numerous claimants. I also investigated fraud in Canada’s various pension and benefit programs. As a Provincial employee, I have experience working as an investigator with the Alberta Election Commissioner and in enforcement of Labour laws of Alberta. 


I am a change maker who has advocated for strong quality public healthcare system, Quality Public Education and Public Services. I make a commitment that I will proactively advocate and work with the Alberta’s NDP caucus towards bringing:

  • Job security for Albertans
  • For Equity and inclusion of all Albertans
  • For Diversification of the economy 
  • Quality Healthcare
  • Quality Public Education
  • Putting the caps back on insurance premiums and the utilities
  • Protect our parks and the eastern slopes of the Rockies
  • Re-index the income tax and all benefits for Albertans
  • Funding for schools and infrastructure
  • Restore Public funding for post secondary institutions
  • Revise the school curriculum after consultation with parents and teachers